Digital Marketing

   Digital marketing is actually marketing which needs electronical tools such as computer, tablet, mobile phone and more to provide customers with specific experiences. It seems to be easy but it is so complicated because it requires intelligence, planning, timing and continuity.

   Now adays there are many reasons and purposes that verify the need of digital marketing strategies. Some of the reasons of these requirements are:

  • Lack of general aim or purpose

Many companies have no obvious strategic purposes for what they do and also what they want to gain in social media and social networks such as more customers, deeper engagement & interaction, more visitors. Having no purposes, means having no resources to gain the aims you are not analyzed by analytics what is going to achieve.

  • Lack of recognizing the online market share

If you do not investigate or research about the market, you won’t understand about the customers demand and you connive supply & demand which is the most important element in progress and develop your business. The market has been changing rapidly these days and the behaviour and personality of customers and marketing associations are changed. In this regards, you have to update yourself with the latest changes in both marketing and information. Recognizing the puls and the beat of the market is one of the most important scheduled pricipals for strategy.

  • competitors dominated the market

Lack of clear strategy and also resources for digital marketing will lead you to lose and you do not have any chance to gain your market share.

  • Having no online offerings

Specific offerings, clear descriptions, unique suggestions for customers let them to understand your products and this causes a big difference between you,  your competitors and the other brands. This issue will lead more customers that finally they will be your loyal customers because of your specific features.

  • Not recognizing the online customers well

There are many tools to evaluate your website such as Google Analytics,… but none of them can give you detailed information of your customers. By searching the key words, you may achieve something but you won’t get any information about customer’s behavior and how they purchase. You have to use more accurate tools which are designed by yourself like a Survey Questionnaire to evaluate their interest.

  • Irregularity

The most important feature in Internet Businesses and digital marketing is patience. There are many methods to cheat and using the shortcuts but if you increase the ranking of your website dramatically and at once, google will fine you and it will be dropped and you will never get your ranking like before.

  • Inadequate Budget

Having adequate budget and required skills will enable you to cope with the difficulties in competative market and also reply to customer demand.

  • Waste of money & time

Be aware that you may have enough resources but lack of knowledge about how to use these resources and having no strategy lead you lose your time and money and you cannot also use your resources properly. Large companies & organizations with different sectors have to investigate on this conservative issue more.

  • Not receiving new suggestions and you will behave as a usual brand

By visiting famous websites and brands you understand that they change their digital marketing process each time. It means that they suggest something new and try not to be repetitive. If users visit your website and do not find something special, new and eye-catching, they will consider your website as an abandoned station and you will be fined by google because of lack of updating.

  • Your system won’t improve

Each company has its own specific set of principles and rules to analyses but chief executives do not trust their team whether they have enough time or not. Successful digital marketing strategy leads you to the Successful path of marketing research, analysis, email marketing, social media marketing and more.

What does Star System do?

Star System uses the best efficient digital marketers who know where, when and how to do digital marketing activities so that your company name will be the first search result and your services or your products is going to be known and familiar for its demanders.


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